In my mind, there were two choices as to what to call this blog.  One was Chasing Whippoorwills and the other was ‘birthing an elephant.’  I’m still partial to the later if for no other reason then it prompts an amusing visual.  However, whippoorwills turns out to be more fun to say and write and lends more questions regarding it’s meaning, which I suppose ultimately is probably more fitting in regard to my life.  I started this blog in February 2010 and I filled in this section of the blog with something like ‘coming soon’ and then later with something along the lines of ‘blah blah blah’ as a place holder.  Eventually I would get around to writing the ‘real’ about me section, I told myself.  And so I started blogging, I went to work, I blogged, I changed jobs, I blogged, I went to Africa, I blogged, I came home, I blogged, I changed jobs again, I blogged some more, I moved across the country.  You get the idea; life happened.  What didn’t happen was my writing in the about me section.  I think somewhere in me I realized that I hate writing ‘about me.’  Everything I thought about writing seemed to me, like I took myself too serious, which sadly I occasionally do. Sorry…melancholic. But I think enough time has lapsed since starting this blog, that as a present to myself, I finally will write something.  So, hopefully in the spirit of not taking myself too seriously, I present a list of 23 random tidbits.  And yes, they are tidbits.  Stuff about me, stuff I like, stuff I’m thinking these days, stuff I believe;  Tidbits.  And, why 23? I just really like the number 23.

  1. Orange, is my favorite color.
  2. I believe prayer is the key to living an exquisite life.
  3. Writing is bliss.
  4. Faith is the defining element of my life.
  5. Books—I love books; reading them, writing them, buying them, looking at them…you get the idea.
  6. Mountains make me feel brave, scared and safe all at once.
  7. I think everyone needs to understand how relevant we all are to the kingdom.
  8. Yoga is a strong candidate for being my soul sport.
  9. Someday I’d like to live in a Yurt.
  10. Music is the language of the heart.
  11. I’m a recovering food junkie, on a quest for a holistic life.
  12. I drink about three to four cups of tea and/or coffee a day.
  13. I aspire to live an exquisite life.
  14. I really like knits, occasionally I try my hand at knitting, but more frequently I just coo at pretty knit things.
  15. I live for the story.
  16. I like exploring, traveling and taking adventures, although with the right adventure buddy any land can hold discovery.
  17. I write poetry, and occasionally sing impromptu songs.
  18. My childhood dream job was to be a space pilgrim.
  19. I owe a debt of gratitude to the mystics  and prophets.
  20. I was in denial for years, but it’s true. I’m a romantic.
  21. My first argument with God was about women in the Bible. God won.
  22. Alpaca’s are really cute.
  23. I have a thing about four leaf clovers.

 So, why  Chasing Whippoorwills? I think someday I’ll actually write down what I was thinking about when I chose that title.  Maybe I’ll put it in a blog.  And when I do, I’ll link to it here.  Meanwhile, wonder on.