“If you feel spiritually empty,visit a winter garden cloaked in barrenness. Underfoot is hope stirring,alive,warming itself without expectation. The fallen fruit has melded with the compassion of Earth. In your soul, too, is a season called… Continue reading

Foggy Frosty February

This afternoon was time to bundle up, and find a good trail for a pleasant walk.  It’s turned crisp and cool again–that clean smelling air that comes in the cold.  Naturally, Little Bear… Continue reading

Groundhog Day!

Yes.  Today is Groundhog Day.  Reasons I like Groundhog Day? 1.) It’s a really random holiday. Random is cool. 2.) It’s a holiday revolving around a rodent. 3.) There was a great movie… Continue reading

B is for Benevolence

Be a giver. Be prepared to think of someone else’s care. Be a lover, marked by extravagance! Don’t delay to the second chance. Be generous with each intention. Of past wrongs, do not… Continue reading

The January Files

Wow.  I can hardly believe that there is only one day left in January.  It really did fly by fast–seems just yesterday people were talking about New Year’s and 2012 and their resolutions.… Continue reading

Antelope Island

I was talking to a friend this morning about life.  We were chatting about all the things that seem a little overwhelming at times; the things that make us feel like life is out of… Continue reading