Pretty Packages

Everyone loves getting packages in the mail… I think.  Perhaps there is some odd soul out there who doesn’t like it… but odd they would be.  A few days a go, I got… Continue reading

Books and Paper People

My mum is a reader.  My sister is a reader.  We used to spend hours in the public library, or in the book store.  My dad would sometimes drop us at the mall… Continue reading

The February Files

It’s that time already.  The first day of March! No, I really can’t believe it is. I usually kind of hate February, and this year started out no different…however I have to say… Continue reading

Coloring the Doodles

Today was random Saturday doodling time.  I realized today that I was really, really in the mood to color.  I know I’m not the only person this happens to, because I’ve had conversations… Continue reading

Sunny Days

I love foggy days.  I love being cozy inside with the fire and a cup of tea.  I love rain and puddles and blizzards and storms.  That being established, in the last two… Continue reading

Valentines Day

Yesterday, as I was leaving work with my fellow coworker, another coworker said, “You ladies have a good ‘V-Day’ tomorrow.”  I don’t know why, but his calling it V-day made me snicker.  For… Continue reading