Let there be Juice!

Making Juice: indeed one of my favorite ways to consume my fruits and veggies. Although eating them just like that isn’t shabby either. And it doesn’t require quite as much equipment to eat… Continue reading

Soup and stuff

It’s definitely a soup time of year. I actually think that most times of year are soup times of year, because I think that highly of soup. However it can’t be argued by… Continue reading

Feathered Friends

Sweet Snows It snowed some more this week. One of my favorite snow time activities (which I may accomplish in warmth and my comfy womfy’s, that is) is watching the Berry Bird Breakfast Buffet. Here… Continue reading

Closet Waltz

I am almost done reading The Beautiful Ache . It has been a wonderful read and I think I could easily find myself wanting to reread chapters. I actually dread finishing the book… Continue reading

What a difference a day makes…

The View from Friday… Though yesterday was grey, today is white. The little details bring delight. The rose bush looks a little worse for the cold. But I haves something soft to hold.… Continue reading

The View from Thursday

And then when you’re done maybe you can read a nice book.