So, for the first time since “snowboarding” my neck has regained it’s full range of motion.  Pretty much everyone I’d ever talked with said, you’ll fall and your bum will be sore the… Continue reading

The March Files

Wow.  Is it really the last day of March? I’ve been a little slacker with the blogging… I will pretend it’s because I’ve been very busy and important. 😉 But really, lots of… Continue reading

Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day! It’s not a holiday I do very much to celebrate, but it is a holiday that I get excited over. 1.) It’s in March! (my birthday is in March…this means… Continue reading

Birthday Weekend: Let there be Coffee!

Birthday weekend! And yes, birthdays should be more of a WHOLE weekend kind of event.  Mine had coffee, and friends, and walkabout’s in lovely weather, and a few tasty morsels–a simple but lovely birthday.… Continue reading

Little things, flowers and such…

Ever have those days when you wake up, and the better half of your hormones, attitudes & happy moods stay in bed? Mmmhmmm.  The other day I was having one of those mornings… Continue reading

These slippers are made for marching!

Happy March Forth! It is the day to march forth! So put on your marching shoes, and get ready for spring (as the blue sky, warm weather of the day is practically shouting… Continue reading