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Summer Rainbow

Most of my friends know this truth about me: I’m not a huge fan of summer.  I’m not sure when it started, but summer stresses me out.  I think the first strike against… Continue reading

Springtime Wishlist

Top of my wishlist this morning? Wellies, Clover (I kind of love this ring from luckybrand), messenger bags and obviously, TEA. Spring ❤ List by zegingerqueen featuring Lucky Brand rings

These slippers are made for marching!

Happy March Forth! It is the day to march forth! So put on your marching shoes, and get ready for spring (as the blue sky, warm weather of the day is practically shouting… Continue reading

Top 10’s for Tuesday the 10th

Misc. I have an obsession with making list.  I mean I really enjoy making list.  Sometimes I make to-do list as an activity in of itself. It might be obsession, organization, weakness or sickness; I’m not… Continue reading

Random Thoughts on a Sabbath Eve

This week has provided some quality, stereotypical NW weather.  Thank goodness for rain boots, ey?  So somewhere in the afternoon or last night, one of the window’s in my room has become unlatched.  This… Continue reading

Countdown to Christmas: The Holiday Community

It is in fact one day closer to Christmas.  The fact that I didn’t countdown yesterday, didn’t seem to slow this fact in the least.   Time is marching on.  Speaking of marching… Continue reading