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Some years seem full to the brim with blatant evidence of their fruitfulness.  Other years, lots goes on in the inside, but not so much to report on. For me, 2006 was probably… Continue reading

Happy 236th birthday, America!

It’s July 4th! Time for all manner of American celebrations, good food, good company, and fireworks. Woohoo! Sadly, 4th of July is one of those holidays that I frequently find myself grappling about how to celebrate.… Continue reading

Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day! It’s not a holiday I do very much to celebrate, but it is a holiday that I get excited over. 1.) It’s in March! (my birthday is in March…this means… Continue reading

Birthday Weekend: Let there be Coffee!

Birthday weekend! And yes, birthdays should be more of a WHOLE weekend kind of event.  Mine had coffee, and friends, and walkabout’s in lovely weather, and a few tasty morsels–a simple but lovely birthday.… Continue reading

Little things, flowers and such…

Ever have those days when you wake up, and the better half of your hormones, attitudes & happy moods stay in bed? Mmmhmmm.  The other day I was having one of those mornings… Continue reading

Pretty Packages

Everyone loves getting packages in the mail… I think.  Perhaps there is some odd soul out there who doesn’t like it… but odd they would be.  A few days a go, I got… Continue reading