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Afternoon Coffee Break?

One guess what’s on my mind right now? Hmm? Buzzzzzz….. Coffee! by zegingerqueen on Advertisements


“If you feel spiritually empty,visit a winter garden cloaked in barrenness. Underfoot is hope stirring,alive,warming itself without expectation. The fallen fruit has melded with the compassion of Earth. In your soul, too, is a season called… Continue reading

Countdown to Christmas: Keep Calm. Be Merry.

  So every year I find myself experiencing the Christmas card saga.  It usually begins something like this. Step 1: Somewhere around mid, to late, November some crazy early bird will send me… Continue reading

Tea Time

I’ve got a plan…

for Sunday! Yes. Coffee? check. Books? check. Music? check. Cat? check.  Commence operation ‘lazysunday.’

Tea? Yes please!