Caledonian Games

My plan this last weekend was to hike. Plans, yes plans. I was headed to Multnomah Falls or possibly one other place…plans. Plans change.  Instead I ended up in Athena, Oregon –a town… Continue reading

Bierstadt Lake

Of all the mountains and all the places I enjoy the most, Rocky Mountain National Park remains top the list.  There is a long list of reasons why this is the case, but… Continue reading

Bateman Island & Yakima River Delta

In an attempt to see more of the surrounding PNW, I’ve been scouting out interesting hiking areas.  I’ve definitely not found myself in want of good hiking trails, covering pretty much any outdoor… Continue reading


So, for the first time since “snowboarding” my neck has regained it’s full range of motion.  Pretty much everyone I’d ever talked with said, you’ll fall and your bum will be sore the… Continue reading

Sunny Days

I love foggy days.  I love being cozy inside with the fire and a cup of tea.  I love rain and puddles and blizzards and storms.  That being established, in the last two… Continue reading

Foggy Frosty February

This afternoon was time to bundle up, and find a good trail for a pleasant walk.  It’s turned crisp and cool again–that clean smelling air that comes in the cold.  Naturally, Little Bear… Continue reading